Product innovation
Cospower has a complete R&D and production system of lithium battery, with basic material R&D as the cornerstone, battery performance as the center and innovative technology as the guide and carries out all-round R&D layout.
System integration
Flexible adaptation, tailor-made for different needs, collection of new generation battery products, Cospower has a strong module design system, providing customized services according to customer nee

Highly integrated

Highly safe

High efficient

Long cycle life

Highly smart

R&D details

Since entering the business in 1988, Cospower has continuously improved its battery energy storage technology, continuously led and shared its experience, and actively developed new products and promoted the quality improvement of existing products through independent research and development and technical cooperation.

32 years of R&D and manufacturing experience in VRLA battery industry
22 years of experience in manufacturing lithium ion batteries
22 years of experience in battery management and DC power supply R&D and production
14 years of experience in R&D and production of lithium power battery system
4 large R&D institutions