COSPOWERS | The founding meeting of Cospowers Group was successfully held!
2024.01.26 xx新闻

On the afternoon of January 24, the founding meeting of Cospowers’ share reform was held in Dongying, Shandong Province. Dongying City government leaders, Cospowers shareholders' representatives, new energy industry experts and scholars, and Cospowers’ core management team attended the meeting.


At the meeting, Shan Hui, chairman of Cospowers, expressed his gratitude to all shareholders for their long-term support to Cospowers. The continuous development and growth of Cospowers is inseparable from the trust and empowerment of shareholders and the continuous struggle and innovation of Cospowers’ people. Although the new energy and energy storage industry has ups and downs, the general policy and the application of green and low-carbon energy will not change. Cospowers has been prepared from the diversification of product structure, the balance of market structure and the rationalization of capacity structure, in response to the new energy and energy storage market's higher requirements for products and technologies. Cospowers is confident to report to all shareholders with more excellent results and write a more brilliant chapter with all shareholders.


More than 40 shareholder representatives attending the meeting affirmed the achievements of Cospowers in recent years and expressed full confidence in the future development of Cospowers.


During the founding meeting, the shareholders considered the motion and unanimously passed it. At the same time, the first board of directors and the Board of Supervisors were held, and the relevant elections were completed, marking the official establishment of Cospowers Group.

The successful holding of this founding conference has far-reaching historical significance for Cospowers and is also a milestone event to achieve leap-forward development.