Dialogue in Qi Lu| Focus on the energy storage development and talk on the same stage
2023.10.24 xx新闻

On October 18, 2023, Cospowera was invited to participate in the 2023 China (Shandong) Energy Storage high-quality Development Conference and Exhibition, and gathered with leaders in the energy storage industry to carry out a forum on a series of hot focus issues such as policy interpretation, technological change, market application, opportunities and challenges, implement the "double carbon" strategic goal, and build a new power system to help Shandong new energy development.




During the exhibition, Cospowers showcased its products with their own characteristics. Household energy storage products provide efficient and reliable energy storage and management solutions for home users, and perfectly cope with photovoltaic system power generation fluctuations and grid power outages; Network energy storage products intelligently connect to the power grid, and improve the management efficiency of electrical equipment by flexibly controlling the power grid load; As one of the first sodium-ion battery products in China, Cospowers has passed the test. Its self-developed low internal resistance, long life and high energy density battery cells are widely used in all kinds of energy storage equipment as the core components of energy storage products, and it was also the only one with sodium-ion battery exhibited at this exhibition, which were widely concerned. Cospowers is also committed to providing reliable and flexible energy storage solutions for industrial and commercial enterprises, and its solutions are efficient, with long life and strong scalability, which can effectively reduce the cost of electricity for enterprises.




As an enterprise that is growing in Dongying City, Shandong Province, Cospowers won three awards of "the most influential enterprise in 2023 energy storage industry", "the best system integrator in 2023 Energy storage Industry" and "Outstanding Contribution Award for high-quality Development of Shandong Energy Storage" at this exhibition to help Shandong energy storage high-quality development continue. In 2022, Cospowers won many honors such as "High-tech Enterprise", "2022 Dongying City Specialized and Special New small and medium-sized Enterprise", and "2022 Dongying City Municipal Industrial Design Center". In 2023, it won the annual "Shandong Gazelle Enterprise" and other awards.




Cospowers aims to create a safer, more efficient, affordable, intelligent, zero-carbon sustainable green life for human beings. We also believe that Cospowers will forge ahead on the road of China's energy revolution in the future.